Something About Him

One early evening on a usual routine I’m trying to set everyday (which is really hard for a lazy buddy like me), while me and my husband were preparing the bed for a goodnight sleep, I sighed exhaustively and said through the air how being a mother has been very difficult and tiring since day one.

Out of the blue, a good conversation turned to an argumentation then lately turned to be a realization:

-Husband: This is unfair!?

-Me: what?

-Husband: Why is it that everyone else would consider that being a mother is the hardest job on earth? What about us, Fathers?

(Of course, I have to raise the flag for motherhood, so I reacted as if he has just broken  a sacred rule.But I still manage to compose myself and explained to him matter-of-factually)

-Me: You don’t know how difficult it is to be a mother! At work, you have  days-off that I don’t have, You can have a sick leave, that I still don’t have, you work 8-9hours a day with breaks and me? 24hours is never enough!

(And the rest of what I was trying to point out has been just kept in my head because he interrupted my dramatic explanation)

-Husband: We are working so hard and missing our wives and kids, we are missing every milestones and bonds that you mothers have.. You have all the chance to show your love and when our work is over, we try to get rid our exhaustion so that somehow we could still bond because we don’t wanna miss a responsibility for our kids and our wives…

(I heard every words he said but shrug it off and speak again)

-Me: Okay!!! Then let’s change positions. You’ll stay here at home and I’ll be the one working. You do what a mother do and hopefully that will give you the answers to all your questions. Sooner or Later you’ll realize why our job is the hardest.

Aside from those last words I have, I felt that I have so much more to say but in the end I just shut up because I noticed my husband never gave any sign of attempt to answer me back. Maybe he tried to pacify an upcoming world war 3. He is always like that. He is that type of guy who doesn’t talk back. I’m stubborn, I’m mean, I always prefer to be on the things that I know are right, but he is this guy who tries to accept every piece and bits of my not-so-good attitude.

Late that night, while everyone else were sleeping soundly, For which I was again wide awake (the usual night I have due to Insomnia), having random thoughts in my head, then I remembered the conversation my husband and I had earlier that Evening.


I just admitted within myself that I was harsh to my husband and never gave him a chance to really speak out. I felt guilty of how that conversation has ended. It was then I ask myself why? Why is it that they give mothers more importance than fathers (which is what I see in our community and what I believe). I never agreed somewhat to my husband that yeah, maybe It’s really unfair. Instead I reacted too much!




Let’s not forget that, being a father is so easy but being a good father who takes the responsibility is never that easy. A father is responsible in all aspects of a child’s life: protection, financial and emotions. He is responsible of not only to his child but also to the mother of his child.





I believe that my husband is a good father. From that day we found out that I was pregnant, he whole-kindheartedly accepted everything (though he was still studying then). He took the responsibility of being a father and stood up to became a man that until now I’m looking up to. He has been the most patient person I know. And until then I’ve realized that I never made a mistake in marrying and loving the right person and the right father for my baby. You are the Best Father babe!










Happy Father’s Day to the Coolest Papa! We love you! ❤








“A Real Friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out!”- Walter Winchell

There’s this certain realization at some point in my life, I know there must be a way of letting them feel that once and for all, I am the most grateful person for having the bestest friends in the world. I wish I could actually be sweeter in sharing how I appreciate life more because I have them.


According to a study, friendships between women are special. They shape who we are yet to be. They soothe our tumultuous inner world, fill the emotional gaps in our marriage, and help us remember who we really are if we happen to forget… or they may do even more than you can imagine. I must be this lucky to ever have them in my stressful routine as a mom, the sometimes ups and downs of financial status and even my sometimes offbeat marriage life…


I’ve been with so many friends, old and new! Certainly, it didn’t matter to me about how long we never see each other because there’s this bond that’s going on, surely we keep in touch. Real talk, there are those friends whom you don’t feel like connecting at all again, such as an awkward moment sometimes, you are afraid to act the way you are right now because for a long time that you were not together, you might think that he/she is a new person in the present and you seem not to connect with each other; Apparently, with this circle, I never had that feeling in any way.


They may have changed personally, their ideas, how they view the world nowadays, their life statuses, everything has really changed but beyond words I know in my heart that they are still those people I know years ago. The bond we had is still there, the way we laugh at things, how we love and get addicted on taking pictures together (for which is presently called “selfie” these days), the way we comfortably hold hands, and how we actually start a conversation that caught the interests of everyone! I think it’s a great spark we have there, it’s a magic how that happen after a long time of not seeing each other!


We were those people who get along with during our College days, trying to get ourselves out in a boring class, honestly not just one class, we understand each other that we felt mutual in the idea of how irrelevant all our subjects were!


Perhaps, I was the saddest person when I found myself alone in the hallways of the University. Funny thing is, I was left out, struggling solo in the nursing course I’d promised to pass. I realize then that my friends had to grow and search for the passion they are called to. At the end of the day, I was happy, and thanked them that I got the chance to grow my social aspect in life and meet new group of friends.


Some of us still see each other every now and then. Now, some of us have kids already, some got married, some went abroad (and therefore I believe, there’s a good thing about social networks: It makes the fire of friendship burnin’…)


I love you guys!! ❤


Another Summer Spot!

lookin’ for an awesome place to spend your summer? here’s one…Check this out!

Nope! It is not officially declared  summer yet…But It’s fast approaching, I know you can feel the summer heat already!! I  wonder if you guys are starting to prepare for the one of the most exciting season of the year! Summer time!!! Do you guys know where to go now?! Well, you better know a place like no other!… A breathtaking scene, you can’t imagine coming to life, as if you just see it in a poster or calendar with pictures of enchantment and fantasy with birds and the bees, fairies and butterflies!

        About 4-5 years ago, when I was still a student, We went to this very amazing place called Kaangrian Falls. Kaangrian is an ilocano term for “foul smell”, according to the Alamat (myth), they named the falls ‘Kaangrian’ because of the mermaid living there gives out foul fishy odor to those who trespass the place.

         The Falls is located in one of the mountains of  Burgos Ilocos Norte, Philippines.Brgy. Agaga to be exact. From the town proper of Burgos, you may ask information on their municipal hall or  some citizens on how and where to enter (you know, ilocanos are approachable and accommodating) You may hire a person that will accompany you upon going to the place… Mapping out the right way, you may travel approximately 5-6 kilometers from the town proper, you can have your own car or it’s best to ride a tricycle cause you can’t get your car all the way to the falls… you have to walk about 3 kilometers into a very enjoyable rocky and grassy, sometimes slippery way into its forest, a bonus is the beautiful views of nature you may see while hiking…

 You will also pass by the Kaangrian Cave and experience adventure inside..



           I know you might quit in the middle of the forest, while you’re halfway there, you’ll know what I mean when you’re there… but there’s no turning back cause you’ll miss seeing the fairyland when you do! Just before you see the falls with you’re tired cramping feet, sweats and even hunger because of the long, tiring trip, you may hear that relaxing, more like soothing sound of water falling down…while you can feel the fresh, cold air into you’re cheeks as if it’s commanding you to come nearer…

            When you’re already there looking at the ultimately natural sight of the virgin falls… A feeling you wouldn’t expect, tiredness and complaints in your head may seem to vanish at once! The water is cold. It’s refreshing, superb!

(Throwback Photos of us)






                    What are you waiting for… Plan for your best summer here in Ilocos!! Try Kaangrian Falls! You’ll never regret this one.. I promise!

***The photo below is not mine, this is from Filipino Bloggers Worldwide Posted by Lady Patchy(credit to:***


How to make a MINION Plushie keychain!

***Minion Plushie keychain is an original idea of  LittleMissPlushie on Youtube (Tutorial Video), I just made my own version of the plushie keychain… I also made lots of it for my Son’s 2nd Minion Themed Birthday Party***



You can easily find them at Fabric stores in low prices.. They’re per yard! Colors: Black, Yellow and Blue… Color Gray is actually needed for the minion’s goggles but it wasn’t available, so I just had these 3 colors…Image


Found them at craft store/D.I.Y store…  You can choose different sizes, that’s according to how big the plushie you’ll make!


or you can have the “Sew-on Eyes” if available…


**You will no longer need super glue when you buy the “sew-on eyes”… you’ll just attach the minion eyes through sewing and not glue-ing…**


Tip: You have to find the right color of the thread… It should be the same color as your Felt cloth!





I think you can buy P.T.F at Fabric Stores… on my project I recycled it…  If you have stuffed toys or pillows that you’re no longer using, you can get the polyester toy filling inside those…


Now, let’s go on the cuts…




Cut Yellow pieces into lengthwise, and the Blue one is cut into crosswise (atleast half of the yellow lengthwise cut), this is depending on how big you’re going to make the plushie!!!



For the black pieces, you’re going to cut some mini circles, which serves as the minion’s goggles… You can cut it at about half or an inch, it all depends on your choice!



These are mini black strips that will be placed around the head of the plushie  as the support of the minion’s goggles…



These mini blue strips will be placed above the head of the plushie and will serve as the holder…

AND NOW… Let’s get it started!!!

The first ever materials you will have is the yellow lengthwise piece and the blue crosswise together with the needle and the  blue thread…


Attach the blue piece into the center part of the yellow piece by stitching them together…

You ca do running stitch or any stitches you prefer

(Do so the exact thing as what the above picture shows)

Next is attaching the minion goggles… get 1 mini black  circle and 2 mini black strips together with the needle and the black thread!

1.) Placing one mini black strip on the upper part of the piece


2.) Placing the other mini black strip at the lower portion of the piece


3.) Placing the mini black circle, center part of the black strip(upper part)


(Photos above shows how its done… It also shows how it look like, FRONT AND BACK)

Next, attaching the mouth of the minion using the black thread


It’s your choice on how you would design the mouth!!!

The  next procedure,facing the back part of it, fold the piece to the center crosswise, make sure it’s perfectly fold at the center, and also it is necessary  that the back part is the one exposed, like this..


Getting the blue thread, attach both sides of the blue part

(This is how it looks like)


Next, both sides of the black part using black thread


Then the entire yellow part, like this…


And this will be the outcome!!!


Now, gently flip the piece, to be able to expose the front part of the plushie!!!



TAA-DAAH!!!! easy right?!

Next, we’re gonna need the POLYESTER TOY FILLING…

Put the right amount of it inside the piece…



NOW… we are ready to close the plushie…

Eventually, we will need the mini blue strip and attach it above the head of the minion, will be the holder like this…


We are almost done!!!

Get the Black googly  eye and the super glue, attach it at the mini circle…



We’re done….

You can make as many mini plushie key-chain as you want… Can be a key-chain of-course or a party favor filler, can sell it and earn some money!!!



Disclaimer: This plushie idea is originally from LittleMissPlushie on YT…I just made my own version and share to you!

Have a great day! XOXO

Power of 10: Mending a Broken Heart!


        I am probably be the last person to write something about this! I mean like, this topic is so mainstream, so usual, so “gasgas na CD” already and even so boring to talk about to! But of course, here I am, filling up another space of my page and hoping that somewhere, somehow in that damn corner of the world, a person could read this and take it as a helpful blog advice that could change his entire life!

            First love, Second love, and any other kinds of love, even crushes and puppy love, whatever to call it, either way we experience the painful scenario you wish you could never have even in your wildest dream…

                I’m not really that expert in mending a broken heart because I, myself had been majorly depressed for two years straight during my teenage times! But of course, the experience I had was the greatest lesson I would love share to everybody especially to those who are experiencing heartaches today!

              So, Here are my tips to let the burden in your heart go away… Just read and do such if you want or not, It’s all up to you.. The purpose of this blog is to help you create a new you after this tragic phase of your life.



This is the so “natural” reaction during and after a breakup.. I should not have put this on the list because whether I’ll include it or not, crying is normal to most of us when the person we love has to leave… But as I’ve noticed, there are these people who chose to be silent or even chose to pretend  they’re perfectly fine, even if they’re not really okay! The fact is, that’s never been a good behavior. But we can’t change that  if that’s their way of coping, and sometimes we just have to leave it that way, but in my opinion, at least get some time to throw it outside on what’s hurting inside your heart!… #1 to really do is cry!!! Cry it out! Shout it out! Let those pair of lacrimal glands do their jobs! Keep those tears rolling… It’s the first ever way to make you feel better, no matter how heavy your feelings, no matter how it hurts so bad! You’ll just realize how good the feeling is after a “crying session” … It could be tiring, It could make big eye bags, but that’s the way it is… Soon enough, the heavy weight that’s leaning towards your chest will go away , slowly but definitely… at the end of the day, you’ll feel good!

Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before– more sorry, more aware of own ingratitude, more gentle”- Charles Dickens, Great Expectations




The “me time” is absolutely one of the things you needed at this moment… Make this as a quality time for yourself to reflect what just had happened, to realize that It’s the reality (no denial,no bargaining)… It’s a quality time to put back the broken pieces of the shattered glass of your love, life, heart, personality and soul! You have to bear in mind that this alone moment in your life is just temporary and not forever… The situation is in your own control and it’s all up to you to let those complex things be as simple as you wish! Plan your life today, organize everything.. Remember that you have the reason to be sad as of  today but you also have all the reasons to be happy tomorrow.

“If you wanted to do something true, It always turned out to be a thing that had to be done alone! “



Face the new world! First thing in mind when opening the door of your new world is to totally release the attachments… Delete the phone number, unfriend button on Facebook, unfollow on twitter, instagram, tumblr and do not forget, BLOCK him on any of your social networking sites and emails, in case he’ll change his mind and come back and break your heart again… Next, meet fun and crazy people who are also looking for some new friends (It’s easier to make friends with those anyway!) Find those people with the same as your interests and hobby or people with a different taste of adventure that’s actually new to you and the ones that thrills you and that makes you curious and excited! Find people whom you can laugh out loud with, those who are supportive, and can have some drinks and dance with you late at night! Finally, have a new environment… This doesn’t mean you have to migrate to a faraway place… All you need is not to go into those places you usually go especially to those places that has meaning for you and your already EX! Find somewhere else to hang out, much cooler than before, much pleasant than the usual… All you have to do is let go, the future is calling, because of course, yesterday is gone and you have to deal with that, with positivity!

“Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be, close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before!”



Once upon a time you were young, who don’t need a boyfriend, but then you are happy, you feel complete… So, think of this now, true enough that if you have lived your life happily way back without any love affair involved, what more now? You can take care of your own, you are the only person responsible for your life… Thus,  you can live without a boyfriend. Be that same girl from the past who didn’t need a man… And even if you’ll find a man to fall in love again? you should put in mind that no one, even that man could ever take care of your own life than how you took care of it… Be strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending to others. You can go stroll at the mall solo, eat dinner in a certain restaurant alone  and you can even watch movies on your own at the cinema, be like that… You’re a big girl now , always tell yourself that the gift of goodbye opens another door and get used to that environment.. Enjoy your solo moment all over again because at times you’re committed again, you’ll surely and completely will miss being  single and free. Try  to own your life all over again!

“Behind every strong independent girl is a dumb ass guy who did her wrong and made her who she is today! “



After those tiring days, those moments you’re unstoppable from crying, those days you didn’t eat healthy foods.. all are sugary, salty and fatty, those nights you stay up in clubs and get drunk, those times you can’t get enough sleep, and the lazy and down days where you only want your bed and not getting up almost forever! Hey! Wake up!! Enough for the “Self Abuse” on your body, soul and mind! It’s now time, the right time to put things back into its normal stage or maybe into a better phase! Be healthy by choosing the right food wisely, always hydrate by drinking a lot of fluids, Exercise  to sweat and strengthen the body and its vital organs, try to see a specialist and ask the right supplement for you, you may see a psychiatrist to assure your mental wellness is already at balance, and be happy always!… These maybe hard at first but sooner you’ll get used to it and eventually feel the goodness of being a better and healthy individual!

” The fact that you are willing to change yourself for the better is the greatest thing that you can do”



Well, you probably got an idea  now about this! Let’s start it clean… Decide for yourself first and everything else will follow! It’s a choice, Do you feel beautiful when you’re wearing make up? or you prefer a simple look? Girly? Sporty? Laid back look? Boyish? What do you want, when do you always feel pretty? Is it with your long hair? Curly? Short? Blonde? Redhead? or Brunette?  It doesn’t matter what others may say.. It is you, who’s looking at the mirror has this personal instinct and feeling on what  will make you beautiful… Just don’t forget to stay neat, like “hygienic” or “clean”, should be nice and fresh smelling, and of course above all, wear that SMILE! And you’re good to go!!!.

” Be beautiful in your own way, and  be comfortable being you”

When You Pray


Above all the advises I gave, PRAYER is the greatest healer of them all.. Do not ever forget to call God! Ask him strength to fight for the things you’re going through.. Also not forget to thank Him that you’re still alright up to this moment! And have faith in him no matter what happens… God has better, no! best plans ever! and soon you’ll found out that everything that had happened should really happen and you’d be thankful for that… Believe me, all He wanted since Day 1 is for us to be happy… Just PRAY, talk to Him always and you will find comfort and peace in your heart!

“Do not Pray for an easy life, Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” -Bruce Lee



I know, I know… It’s the hardest part… It’s never that easy to let go of the grudges and bitterness in your heart… But how’d you like to clean up the mess in your heart? You have to remove  the dirt, splash it, and brush it away… It’s the first step to the path of the real healing… If you don’t know how to forgive in the past, start today, practice to forgive and you’ll be the happiest person alive! If you remain to be unforgiving, you may be messing up again to a new relationship because you’re still tied down from your anger… Thus, you’ll never enjoy the new love! But of course you should slow down.. We all know that anger doesn’t go away that fast and easy.. Time heals… all you have to know now is start up by realizing and understanding everything about that relationship… begin by thinking the good things you’ve shared! There were lot of it right? Happiness has become an every minute celebration during that relationship and yes, you were truly happy! Stop holding grudge to that one wrong thing he has done on you… rather, choose to forgive because of that many good things he made… You’re not only giving that person the chance for himself to realize what he had done to you, you’re also doing good deeds and above all you are setting yourself free from all the heartaches, Thus,  you’ll feel so much light in your heart!

“Forgiving is the best gift for yourself”

“Forgiving isn’t always about giving them another chance… It’s for closure so you can move on!”



After everything.. make sure that when you do this step, you are fully moved on. Make yourself like everything is new in your life… Take time, everything needs time and take it slow to make sure everything is at its right track! Date is not merely building a relationship with commitment or somewhat  “attachments” but building a friendship to some guys you’re interested to, whom one of them is lucky to love again.. But some guys misunderstood that, they thought that when you go out with them on a date they sometimes expect things! So be sure you’re reminding them and set things clear right before they’ll expect! Dating is a step where you really try to find out for yourself if you’re ready enough to fall in love and have a new relationship again! And of course the bonus is when you truly find that new and right person you’re going to fall for again!

“He’s not your Prince Charming if he doesn’t make sure that you’re his Princess”




After the dating phase. I’m sure you know who’s the right guy already, that spark to that certain person is making you sleep deprived almost everyday! But there’s this certain feeling that’s forcing you to stop feeling that “kilig” into your nerves! You may seem to be scared , that’s just normal. Sometimes It’s true that one bad relationship can make you never want to love again but you should never be scared. Know that love is a cycle, a new love will come and after that it leaves, bear in mind that there’s no forever in this life, every person who come will also go.. Every person leaves and that’s how life is… all you can do is just enjoy whatever you have now and when he leaves, you just go again and find another. It’s a cycle that goes on and on! It’s how really it is!

” Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you and remember, shoot for the moon! ” – Cecelia Ahern